Vintage Popcorn Makers



It would still be pretty cool to get a popcorn machine that is (or looks like it is) from a bygone era and have a good old time with it. So how can  you do that?

The Difference between a Popcorn Popper and a Popcorn Machine

When you are out shopping, be sure to remember that a popcorn machine is not a popcorn popper — as far as popcorn terminology goes. Popcorn poppers pop relatively small amounts of popcorn and are lots of fun for small groups — such as the average-size family.

On the other hand, popcorn machines are like some of us remember from going to the movies decades ago. Modern popcorn machines are built to make big loads of popcorn, but this hub is about the kind from days gone by — antique-looking set-ups, typically fashioned like a cart with two wheels.

Those are fun. Let’s talk about how to get one of those.

Go to an Antiques Dealer

There are a number of ways to get something that looks like an antique popcorn machine, but the best way to get the real thing is to go to an antiques dealer.

Now, arriving upon a genuine antique popcorn machine at your local antiques dealer on your first visit would be a real find indeed. You will probably have to leave your name and number and check in with your dealer every couple weeks.

I wish to make clear that an antique popcorn machine would not be guaranteed to work — actually make popcorn. Owning one of these is more about decor and nostalgia.

If having an antique looking machine that works and makes popcorn is essential, I recommend going for a new machine made to look like an “old” one. Described below, how to get one of those.

Go to Your Local Game Room Retailer

These types of stores are not doing the hottest lately, so perhaps you might go and help them a bit with your business. You know the stores that some areas have that sell billiard tables and pinball machines? Those places also sell antique looking popcorn machines sometimes. Look in your yellow pages under “Amusement Machines — Retail”, or something similar to that.


If you are considering using popcorn as a promotion for your business, or want to sell popcorn at a public event, an old fashioned popcorn machine is a great choice.  These machines have an old fashioned style, but they are made using quality materials just like any other popcorn machine.  These machines will attract attention to themselves because their design makes them stand out.  Many businesses use old fashioned popcorn machines to give customers a free snack while they shop.  Wherever people tend to gather, it seems like a popcorn machine stand will attract customers.

Antique Popcorn Machines

Popcorn machines have been in use since popcorn was invented by Charles Cretors in 1885.  Over the years, the look of popcorn machines has changed dramatically.  Some people choose to buy an antique popcorn machine for their home or business simply because they just look really cool.  These machines differ from old fashioned popcorn machines in that they really are old.  The latter is really a new machine, but just looks old!  Ebay is a pretty good place to search for these antiques if you want to buy one.

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