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Growing up at a time when most things were done hands-on, one of the best experiences as a child is making stovetop popcorn with my siblings. There weren’t any electric popcorn makers back then and the only places we knew that sold popcorn was the carnival and the movie theatre. The only way we could eat popcorn was if we went out or if we cooked it ourselves and the latter has given me warm memories.

Think about bonding moments, not a lot of kids get to share activities with their parents or siblings in the kitchen. Making popcorn is fun, you can never tell how the popcorn will turn out and there’s thrill when the popping begins and the pot is overflowing with the goods; the kind of joy a stovetop popcorn popper can give. Nowadays though, the microwave is more convenient, not that it’s not fun, making popcorn with it is too fast there’s hardly time for chatting. You literally won’t break a sweat with an electric popper or a microwave it’s effortless to punch the timer on. And if there’s anything I learned from before the 20th century kicked in, it’s that anything is best to have when it is hard earned.

Nothing against technology and innovative creations, some inventions are pretty amazing; they make things easy to do without completely knocking off the task from your hands. If you’ve ever seen a whirley-pop stovetop popcorn popper, you’ll understand what I mean. In case you’ve never seen one or heard of it, it’s actually a cooking pot. A really brilliant cooking pot designed to make popcorn. It has a lid with a crank on top of it that you stir, which stirs the kernel corns inside keeping a lot of the popcorn from getting scorched. You have to hand it in to the makers, the stirring makes a jolly time and I bet kids enjoy simple tasks like that in the kitchen.

We mostly use pots for making popcorn on the stove since it holds more popcorn and the heat is contained well. Popping kernel corns on the skillet or frying pan can be done too, but it’s a little difficult and a messy stovetop popcorn popper. It can be easier to do if you’re only making popcorn good for one. It’s also enjoyable in its own way. You have to use a stainless steel bowl that matches the size of your pan; it can be a wee bit bigger if being messy doesn’t bother you. It’s going to be the cover and the serving bowl. Like all stovetop poppers, just put kernels in your pan with some oil and salt under medium high heat. The fun part is when the popping begins and you’re lifting up the pan and shaking it while pressing on the bowl on top (with baking gloves of course).

I know most of today’s activities are considered enjoyable when it’s done outside and with a lot of friends and people, but the simple things can make any day happy too. It doesn’t have to be just kids who can enjoy menial tasks like this. If anyone can do it, then anyone can appreciate it. Bored and stuck at home? Get yourself your kind of popcorn popper stovetop style.



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