Gourmet Popping Corn

Gourmet popcorn is fast becoming the big number one snack food of 2013.  Not that regular popcorn you get around the holidays, or the packs   with the synthetic salty or sweet or other flavourings , no today’s popcorn lovers are looking more for those upmarket flavours such as Chilli, Garlic Cheese and even Furikake. American eat tons of the stuff every year and the G0urmet Popcorn sector is growing with more and more people trying out new flavours or toppings with the eat at home market growing steadily.

What Is Gourmet Popping Corn? | eHow.com

Popcorn is a classic snack, known to accompany movie-watching, picnics and parties. Since the introduction of popcorn, more and more recipes have unfolded to make popcorn available in different flavors. The emergence of gourmet popping corn takes the regular popcorn recipe to a new level, as gourmet popcorn makers come up with new ways to recreate the salty snack. The main characteristic of gourmet popping corn is the flavor variety that is available.Gourmet popcorn flavors include different seasonings, such as cheese, cajun, chipotle and cinnamon-sugar. Nuts are sometimes added to the flavor variety, too, such as combinations of sweet popping corn with cashews or pecans.

Some gourmet popcorn manufacturers use all-natural ingredients to distinguish their popcorn from other brands. Even if they offer plain or simple-flavored popcorn varieties, using all natural or organic ingredients is reason enough to label the popcorn “Gourmet.” An additional distinguishing characteristic of gourmet popping corn ingredients is if the ingredients are locally grown or are processed with a specialized technique. For instance, a chipotle-flavored popcorn seasoning that is made from real fire-roasted tomatoes that are locally grown constitutes gourmet popcorn. Another thing to look for is if the popcorn advertises to be healthier, such as using less salt or oils.

Gourmet popcorn is characterized by its special packaging. Popcorn containers or bags are arranged to display the popping corn kernels in an eye-catching presentation. Bags of the gourmet popping corn kernels may be tied with a ribbon, and packaging always has a label or tag for the manufacturer.

The price of gourmet popping corn is higher than generic popcorn kernels that you purchase in a regular store. Due to the quality of the ingredients and the fine selection of flavors, gourmet popcorn costs more to put together — including the packaging — so it costs consumers more as well.

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