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If you have ever flipped your food too soon on the outdoor grill or if you’ve always found outdoor grilling to be a guessing game,you’ll find this little book all that you’ll need to eliminate uncertainty and get you fanning the flames with a new found confidence….not only a cookbook but educational too. If you are truly serious about mastering the art of the Grill, then this guide will spare you the embarrassment and headaches of learning from needless miSteaks! So fire up the grill and get ready now for a hot and tasty meal…..


This little book with over 30 pages sells on the internet at more than $20 but you can get your copy here today for just $5….Oh and a little bonus we have thrown in too….buy today and we will also give you a short 6 page Report on “Food Safety For Outdoor Cooking”

Hey, that sounds interesting but not now thank you, I just want the free popcorn recipe book you promised me

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